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We have three main products groups, the UpRight Single Wide Series, the UpRight Double Wide Series, and the Original UpRight VX Stairway Scaffold.  With most of the graphics live you can move easily from one page to the others.  All of the UpRight and Vault Products are manufactured from high quality aircraft aluminum.

Upright Single Wide Scaffold

UpRight Single Wide Scaffold

UpRight Scaffolding Drawing

DW UpRight Scaffold Sets

UpRight Scaffolding Stairwell Base Set

UpRight VX Stairwell Base Sets

Single Wide Scaffolds

Designed for your convenience the single wide scaffold is easy to handle in confined areas and all other job locations where less is more.  Going through standard doorways is a breeze with a single wide base providing access to heights of 6 ft.-30 ft.  Moving from room to room one person can accomplish what would of taken more time and effort previously.

AS Single Wide UpRight Scaffolding
Double Wide UpRight Scaffolding Set
LA Galaxy Soccer Team Coaching Stand

Double Wide Scaffolds

The larger platform area on our Double-Wide UpRight Aluminum Scaffolding provides the space you need for extra equipment.  Two or more employees with additional room for tools and equipment save time and money. You can have supplies at hand for painting, installation and maintenance work.  Lightweight, ease of assembly, and long-lasting, these features of UpRight aluminum scaffold add to its reputation of getting the job done quickly and safely.

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