UpRight Scaffold provided by Aerial Specialists has been shipped directly from the factory to locations from coast-to-coast in North America and Canada since 2005.    Aerial Specialists only provides the highest quality Aluminum Scaffolding.  UpRight Scaffolding manfucture in the United States NOT imported from ASIA or EUROPE.   American Manufactured aluminum scaffold that is completely compatible with the original UpRight Scaffold.

Working with and providing UpRight Scaffolding products to the Air Force in Lompoc, CA, NASA at Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena, CA, and Jacobs Engineering at Cape Kennedy in Florida are just a few of our larger projects.

Aluminum Scaffolding
EZ Lift Scaffolding

UpRight Scaffolding for the construction industry can be found on more job sites than any other portable scaffold in the world. It is the backbone of many independent contractors. It is in the truck ready to go when they are.

Look in the facilities departments at universities, public schools, and building maintenance companies across the nation and you will find UpRight Aluminum Scaffold there on the job.

UpRight Scaffolding was a winner from the start in 1946. Lightweight, easy to set up, dependable, long-lasting and economical. Once purchased there is little or no maintenance required.  Can you name any other product that could be purchased in 1950 and that same piece of equipment can still be found in service today?

UpRight Scaffold has consistently been the best choice for over 70 years.

EZ Lift Scaffolding

Aerial Specialists-UpRight Scaffold has been number one on the internet since 2005.

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